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Here you can find the answer to almost all of the most common questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click the "Support" button in the top of the page.

General questions

BucksBux is a trustworthy and friendly option for anyone looking to make a little extra money online. BucksBux is a Paid-to-click site that focuses on referrals. So users can earn a passive income just by clicking 5 ads.
Online safety is crucial. BucksBux never shares or sells personal information. Be cautious with personal information you give online when using offerwalls and only visit reputable websites with secure connections.
BucksBux is free to use. You can upgrade to a paid membership and can downgrade anytime with no additional fees.


If you are a registered user of BucksBux, please click the "Login" button at the top of the website, enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click "Log in" button. You will be automatically redirected to your account right away. If you have not registered yet, you should register a new account first.
No, users may only have one account per household. If multiple accounts are detected then both users will get suspended.
As per my Terms of Use, the Client is obliged to provide genuine personal data. However, in accordance with the Privacy policy, BucksBux won't disclose clients' personal details.
You can explore the system functions, set up your personal information and specify your payment system details. You can enter your e-wallet details by clicking the "Settings" button. Please note that payment details are saved permanently, and you can change them only by contacting customer support. This is a precaution, to protect your investment in case of unauthorized access to your accounts.
Please log into the account and click "Settings" to enter the personal information page - there you will be able to modify your data. Save the changes when you’ve changed all that you wanted. Please note that you may not modify your e-mail and e-wallet - these functions are disabled for security reasons. If you want to change these settings, please contact support.
If you are unable to log in to your account there are several things that could be causing this issue:
  • 1. You have made a typo
    Make sure that everything typed in is done 100% correctly
  • 2. You have been (temporarily) blocked from BucksBux
    This happens whenever we have received a whole array of Disputes, or whenever you have abused something in the system, contact support and a staff member will see what caused the block.
  • 3. The e-mail you are using is no longer in use
If all of these steps don't apply, please use the password reset tool. If the password reset doesn't work either, please contact support a staff member will help you out.
  • 1. Go to the sign in page and click on "Forgot your password?" or access that page directly here.
  • 2. Enter your email address.
  • 3. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive an email with temporary password, log in to your account and change your password.
We recommend that you change your password every 90 days.
If you wish to terminate your account please send a support ticket They will review your request within a 24 hour.

Add Funds and Withdraws

You can add funds simply by clicking the “add funds” button on the home page of your account. Select the appropriate deposit method, currency, enter the amount and click the "Make Deposit" button.
The minimum a user can add is $1.00 there is no maximum amount that the user can add.
If user paid in BTC or another Crypto, Give it some time. The BTC blockchain isn't very fast. Depending on the fees paid for the transaction it can take up to 24 hours for the payment to be completed. The following coins need several confirmations.
  • BTC; 2 confirmation
  • ETH; 3 confirmation
  • LTC; 3 confirmation
If the payment has been processed but your subscription isn't allocated yet please Contact Us with the following data in your support ticket.
Invoice ID
Payment Method This data is crucial for support staff to match and allocate your payment!
Most errors regarding payment using cryptocurrencies happen because the fee amount is not correctly included in the amount. Keep this in mind for your next payment! After verifying we will immediately assign you your deposit.
No, All operations on the site are final and not subject to cancellation.
Withdrawals are processed every day and usually, users receive them in less than 24 hours.
The minimum withdraw is $10 and there is no max withdraw. Users can make as much as the want.
You can withdraw funds simply by clicking the “Withdraw” button on the home page of your account. Select the appropriate withdraw method, currency, enter the amount and click the "Make Withdraw" button.

Earning Money

Users earn money by clicking the 5 daily fixed ads and from there, referrals clicks as well. Users will either earn $0.01 or $0.02 per click based on their membership. Users can rent referrals to increase their earnings. Users earn 100% of their referral clicks. Fixed ads are the only way a user can earn money.
You can earn points in several ways:
  • clicking standard ads
  • completing offers and surveys through the offer wall tab
  • purchasing points
  • winning the point lottery
You can use points to upgrade your membership and to purchase and renew referrals.
Bot referrals are a great way to make money. Bots will always click the same amount of clicks each month. Users can receive different types of class bots. The better the class the more clicks the bot will make. If a user gets a bot that clicks 100% of the time that means the user will earn $1.50 or $3.00 off that bot each month as long as they renew that bot. The goal is for users to collect bots so they can earn a passive income and all they have to do is click the 5 ads. So start collecting bots and start earning.

Referral program

You get 100% of their click earnings from fixed ads.
  • There are no limits in the commission you can get from referring new members.
You can refer new users simply by copying your “referral link” located on the home page of your account. Copy the link and share it with your friends.


Contact support and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible
BucksBux support staff strives to respond Within 24 hours.


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